Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4 - Leaves

Yesterday, I had my camera on completely manual mode and it proved to be a little much for me.  I thought that completely manual mode was the best way to see the interaction between aperture and shutter speed but it was just too difficult to tell what was causing what effect.

So today I put the camera in AV mode and played around with the shutter speed.  (Am I getting these terms right?  I know I messed them up yesterday.)  So this picture was taken with a shutter speed of 1/320, an F-stop of 6.3 and an ISO of 800.  It was taken with morning defused light and no flash.  It was also taken with my 50 mm lens.

I followed Whitman's lead on interpreting the theme for today.  


  1. This was so clever! I had also thought of doing leaves as pages, but this is inspired!
    Great focus, and so, so, clever.

    Your camera, in deciding on what makes a proper exposure, is looking to average the scene out to be a light gray (18% gray.) In this case, I think the page is actually lighter than that, but the camera doesn't know this, so it ends up underexposed. In shooting in a semi-automatic mode, like Av, you can tell the camera the subject is either darker or lighter than 18% by using exposure compensation. I would like to see what the picture would look like with exposure compensation at +2/3.

    Note on your ISO. The xsi shows noise (the digital version of grain) pretty easily. If you have enough light, I wouldn't use ISO above 200 unless you need to use higher for lower light conditions. It's a constant battle to get the right settings for the best picture in the conditions you have. In this instance, you have a really fast shutter speed, a fairly closed aperture (for that lens) and a high ISO. You have enough light that you could slow down your shutter speed to get enough light for a lower ISO, or open up your aperture to have a lower ISO.

    Just something to keep in mind long term. I hope I'm being somewhat coherent, and possibly useful.


  2. Love your interpretation! Great photo. Kara, you are great at critiquing, though I don't even understand all the things you say yet! This is going to be very helpful to me. :)